Special Civil Engineering

Deep foundations derive structural loads of additional vertical elements deeper into the earth to remove this there. A deep foundation is necessary if the near-surface layers are not sound enough.
As shoring are structural measures and facilities for supporting and securing trench, pit, shaft and tunnel walls and stud walls and ceilings in the area of ​​excavation, referred to in civil engineering, tunneling, water and mining.
In the shallow foundation, the building loads are passed directly beneath the building into the ground.
Construction technique to increase or maintain the stability of a soil mass by incorporating reinforcement (soil nails)
A retaining wall is a component for securing a (mostly artificial) terrain jump, for example, an excavation. A retaining wall can also be a barrier within the soil.
Injections are used in civil engineering for the introduction of suspensions (water with hydraulic binder and possibly aggregates) and solutions (softgel silicate gel) into the ground.
Technical measures for soil improvement. These measures improve the stability and reduce the amount of subsidence.
Deep wells generally refer to geological drilling in deeper soil layers

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